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About Gypsy Vandal Resistant Sanitaryware (Pty) Ltd and our products

During the year 2001, Fritz Schmidt realized that there was a dire need for Vandal Resistant Sanitaryware that could resist the destructive efforts of, amongst others:

Inmates of South Africa’s prisons, police stations and other detention centres.

Reckless and careless individuals who utilise South Africa’s municipal offices, hospitals and clinics.

Socially destructive elements of society misusing public toilet facilities.

These are worldwide problems within custodial and urbanized population centres.

These factors led to his invention and development of the Gypsy Vandal Resistant WC Pan and hence the formation of Gypsy Sanitaryware. Gypsy Sanitaryware, has now become the leader in providing new and revolutionary Vandal Resistant Sanitaryware.

Gypsy Vandal Resistant Sanitaryware (Pty) Ltd are the owners of a unique range of vandal resistant sanitaryware products which are manufactured from a robust polymer composite material ensuring a durable, quality and longer lasting vandal resistant sanitaryware product for all environments.

All Gypsy’s products are manufactured from polymeric materials. The products are non porous and homogeneous with the same composition throughout the thickness of the material. The warm, smooth, non porous surface of Gypsy’s products offers a distinctive advantage over other materials. Anyone sitting on the toilet, with a moulded on toilet seat, will find the material comfortable against the skin’s surface, creating a sensation that immediately puts the user at ease.

The smooth silky finish of our sanitaryware products presents another advantage when it comes to cleaning. Because the products can not be penetrated by dirt particles, the products can simply be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soapy water. Stronger deposits can be removed using warm water and a liquid cleaning agent, IE: Handy Andy.

Gypsy’s exclusive moulded sanitaryware range is available directly from Gypsy Vandal Resistant Sanitaryware (Pty) Ltd to the customer or via all major retail outlets.