Technical Data

In the present day and age with high vandalism figures occuring in government occupied buildings, hospitals, correctional services institutes, public places and public ablution facilities, as well as factories, nightclubs and shopping centres etc., Gypsy sanitaryware has introduced a unique range of vandal resistant products to combat and prevent the growing vandalism problem.

The Gypsy vandal resistant products are manufactured from a polymer composite, compromising of natural inert mineral filters, isopthalic polyester resins, uv stabilized pigments - all improving durability and strength. The vandal resistant polymer composite products can be used in prisons, public amenity buildings, mines, police stations, magistrate courts, stadiums, hospitals, old age homes, schools, factories, shopping centres, nightclubs and other institutions owing to the design and resistance to vandalism, putting an end to expensive replacements and day to day maintenance and plumbing repairs.

The Hygenic importance of the polymer Composite Gypsy vandal resistant products: Hygiene is of utmost importance whether for sanitation or in the preparation or processing of food or beverages. Polymer composite material has a proven record of success in these areas where sanitation and ease of cleaning are important. There are several reasons of this success and for the accepted use of polymer composite material in the building and food industries.

Corrosion resistant: Polymer composite is impervious of corrosion.

Fire, chemical and stain retardent: The polymer composite which makes up the Gypsy vandal resistant products are fire, chemical and stain retardent.

Durability: Polymer composite resists denting and nicking under the most vigorous of operating conditions.

Formability: Polymer composite provides excellent toughness, ductility and work-hardening characteristics and the substance is virtually unbreakable.

Aesthetics: Satin smooth polymer composite lends beauty to its surroundings.

Cleaning: Having no pores or cracks to harbour dirt, grime or bacteria, polymer composite lets soap and water do all to maintain its clean smooth appearance.

Repairs: In cases of extreme abusive vandalism, if a small nick or mark occurs on the surface of the products, a repair kit is available from the company. This repair kit is applied on site and within a minimum time period (within 1 to 2 hours) will bring the surface back to its smooth silky surface without a blemish or mark visible.